B Raghuuram Reddy

Business Manager

Mr. B Raghuuram Reddy is a seasoned professional with extensive expertise in Stock Market, Business Development, Administration, Marketing, and Loans sectors. With 7 years in Stock Market and Business Development, 5 years in Administration and Marketing, and over 5 years in the lending app and loans sector, he brings a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics and innovative strategies. His strategic vision and commitment to excellence have consistently driven positive outcomes and sustainable growth for organizations.

Mr. Reddy's core strengths include strategic foresight, high standards, and versatility. His career features numerous accomplishments, such as successful stock market investments, strategic business developments, impactful marketing campaigns, and significant contributions to the lending and loans sector. His ability to navigate complex challenges and deliver exceptional results positions him as a visionary leader and a vital asset to any team.

Vuppala Nagamlleshwara Rao

Non-Executive Non-Independent Director

VuppalaNagamalleswara Rao is a ‘Man of Manoeuvre’ who has always efficiently delivered across all his commitments. He brings varied experience from different industries which makes him an appropriate fit to share a board of RBI registered and BSE listed NBFC. As an Independent Director of Goyal Associates Limited, he is involved in the various decision-makingprocesses of organizational value.

Mr. Vuppala had served Ministry of Defence, Central Government where he was exposed to various administrative challenges. His competence from the bulk drug industry enabled him to deliver his duties at the Ordinance Factory of Military of Defence with utmost expertise. He is equally eloquent in the sales stream and has presented similar skills with higher proficiency during his association with Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Limited and Religare Health Insurance Company Limited. He also has a vivid experience in the booming real estate business of Hyderabad.

Jaipal Reddy

Chief Strategy Officer

Jaipal Reddy is a strategic expertise in national and off-shore businesses. He was associated with the IT infrastructure-enabling software and hardware services to educational institutions in the United Kingdom. As the education infrastructure of the U.K. is globally-renowned, he had the opportunity of exploring his passion and pushing his limits beyond competence.

Mr. Reddy had been part of entire product development life cycle of educational solutions. He had designed various business strategies of customer-centric and geographic-significance. His strategic contribution towards web technical services enabled the organizations at UK to acquire more cliental at a faster pace. He has been associated Goyal Associates Limited to ensure strategic approach towards various legal and financial compliances.

Harish Sharma

Additional Independent Director

Harish Sharma is an intellectual in business and commerce. He holds dual masters, i.e., Master of Business Administration and Master of Commerce, and is also a Member of ICSI. From his educational excellence and vast experience, Mr. Sharma brings expertise in Finance, Accountancy, Administration, Compliance and Corporate Governance. Due to his impeccable performance, he has been honoured as an Independent Director in various organizations.

Hasmukh Prajapati

Additional Independent Director

Hasmukh Prajapati is a Law Graduate and a Member of ICSI. Through his massive experience in Finance and Legal streams, he has been contributing to compliance and secretarial works. He is eloquent with FEMA act, Intellectual Property Rights, and various regulatory authorities including RBI and SEBI. Mr. Prajapati had served as KMP in various sectors such as IT, Power, Chemical, Finance, etc. His contribution to Goyal Associates Limited in the areas of compliances and finances, has enabled the management to withstand with changing regulations.

Vikram Singh Thakur

Non-Executive Independent Director

Vikram Singh Thakur is a ‘Man of Eloquence’ who brings strong articulation skills with exceptional management and training skills. Mr. Thakur has massive experience in various managerial levels in the IT and hospitality industries. Like, his niche of examining and grading real diamonds, he also has the skill of identifying the finest qualities of human resources. His association with Goyal Associates Limited has been immensely contributing in increasing productivity due to right people at work.

Sanchitha Dad

Company Secretary

Sanchita Dad is an accomplished professional currently holding the position of Company Secretary and Compliance Officer at Goyal Associates Limited. With an Associate Membership from the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) and a Master's degree in Commerce, she possesses a good educational background complemented by over 2.5 years of hands-on experience in corporate governance, secretarial duties, legal compliance, and adherence to NBFC (Non-Banking Financial Companies)norms.


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